“The Living Tree” Now available for download
Download in PDF format 3.7MBThis book illustrated by Melbourne artist Dora McPhee and with verse written by Sonja Karkar for Australians for Palestine gives a simple potted history of the Palestinian narrative since 1948 when the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine uprooted and dispossessed almost three quarters of the Palestinian population to make way for the newly created state of Israel.  That ethnic cleansing continues to this day.  The Palestinian people though, despite all the calamities which they endure, have remained steadfast and continue to struggle for their freedom and self-determination.  This is an appeal for the world to support their rights under international humanitarian law and as stipulated in umpteen United Nations resolutions.

We hope the book will also serve as a reminder to generations of young Palestinians of their ancient heritage and their own connection to that land wherever they may be.  In all these years, Israel has refused Palestinian refugees dispossessed of their homes and their homeland their inalienable right to return home hoping that” the old will die and that the young will forget”.  It underestimated the strength, courage and resilience of these proud people for whom this monumental injustice is as real for them today as it was yesterday.

The book is available now for download.